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Multi Crew Cooperation

MCC – Multi Crew Coordination Course

Multi Crew Cooperation has quickly become one of the fundamental aspects of a pilot’s education in commercial aviation. Through our training courses, pilots will learn some of the most important lessons in professional aviation ranging from developing their leadership and decision making skills, to strengthen their team work and communication skills, to confidently and safely managing a multi-crew operation.

In coordination with our Jet Orientation Course (JOC), our MCC course will help you to prepare for every situation through 25 hours of theoretical lessons and 20 hours of practical seminars in the classroom and our Boeing 737 NG simulator and Airbus 320 simulators.

Course Content


( opt. CRM, SCREEN. PREP. )

Course Details

MCC Initial or Refresher
25 Hrs Theoretical Training
20 Hrs Simulator Training
10 Days

Course Location

Lufthansa Aviation Training

Berlin – GERMANY


from 2990 €uro


MCC Course and JOC Course

We offer a unique chance to gain invaluable Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) experience with their range of on site courses. As a necessity in any pilot’s education, the course is fundamental because of its ability to develop instinctual skills within the pilot. The course is built up of 20 hours of theoretical work and 25 hours of practical sessions in a Boeing 737 NG and an Airbus 320 simulator, our Multi Crew Cooperation courses creates an environment of proactive thinking, situational awareness and problem solving. Ranging from standard to advanced, the practical knowledge in conjunction with Jet Orientation Course (JOC) will prepare you for any situation that could arise.


This is what our students say:

The office and classroom are very convenient. The rates are affordable and there is no need to worry about the commute. The simulator is conveniently located 5 minutes walk from the hotel. Clear syllabus and good training material allowing to prepare for the next session. Last but not least, as far as I can tell, since the FTD isn’t shared, there are no sim sessions in the middle of the night like other companies!

– Frederic Yassi –