Aviation Service Berlin

About SKY4u Aviation Service

At SKY4u Aviation Service Berlin, we know that Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. If you prepare you will succeed and we specialise in success! We have been able to create an extensive network of expertise and knowledge so that our students are trained to the very best standard of aviation. We do this because of our wide students base and extremely talented instructors. As well as this, we have been able to establish relationships and co-operations with some of Europe’s largest airlines. Each of our instructors have such a vast wealth of knowledge due to their own considerable experience in the aviation industry. Their expertise will educate you and help you on your path to success.

SK4u have developed a number of courses that will help prepare you for your career in aviation. The courses vary from Screening and Interview Preparation or Jet Orientation Course to Airline Pilot Certificate courses and Next Generation Courses such as Multi Crew Cooperation courses. Each of these courses have been tailored to guarantee a seamless movement from flight school to airline. Whether you are a low hour pilot or just want to refresh yourself, you will be working in our real Boeing 737 NG simulator.


For more information you are welcome to visit our Website: www.sky4u-berlin.com