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FAQ about Multi Crew Cooperation – MCC

1. What is an MCC course?
MCC stands for Multi Crew Coordination course. It has been created to train pilots to the highest level of proficiency in a multi-crew environment so that the pilot can safely operate multi-pilot, multi-engine aeroplanes under the IFR.

2. What is the difference between an Advanced MCC and a Standard MCC?
SKY4u offer two types of MCC training: Advanced MCC and Standard MCC. The Advanced MCC course includes MCC, JOC and SIP. It offers 30 hours of sim and 30 hours of theory. The Standard JOC offers MCC and 20 hours of simulators and 25 hours of theory.

3. What simulator would I be working on?
You will complete your MCC course on SKY4u’s advanced flight Boeing 737 NG simulator. It is Boeing’s official flight dynamic model that offers you a totally immersive experience in a realistic environment. The Boeing 737 NG simulator includes winglets and CFM56 – 7B engines as well as control loading systems as in a full flight simulator.

4. How long is the course?
The MCC Advanced course lasts for 12 days including a rest day. The course breaks down: 3 days JOC, 3 days of theory and 5 days of simulator sessions. For the Standard MCC, the course length is 8 days of simulator and theory sessions and 1 rest day.

5. Can you help with organising accommodation?
Yes! We are proud to offer a special hotel rate in our partner hotel MEININGER SXF. The hotel is located 5 minutes away from the Lufthansa Aviation Training Centre (LAT) . There is a shuttle bus that goes between Schönefeld Airport, the LAT centre and the MEININGER Hotel. The hotel is located next to an Aldi, ATMS and free parking available.

6. What will a MCC do to enhance my career?
As a result of the MCC, you will becoming proficient in multi-crew cooperation and coordination. The MCC establishes basic understanding of differences between single pilot and multi pilot operations. It also creates a better understanding of the workload of pilots and how working as part of a time can elevate fight safety.

7. What is the course content of the MCC?
The MCC course is one of the most important parts of your aviation eduction. The MCC focuses on developing leadership, decision making and team work skills through procedure training, normal and non-normal procedures. The course runs for 10 days, this breakdown to 25 hours Theoretical Training and 20 hours simulator training. This MCC includes 1 year access to the CBT and manuals are included.

8. What happens after the MCC?
By the end of the MCC course, you will be fully proficient in multi crew cooperation and coordination. By completing a MCC course, you will be fully prepared for your first Type Rating course on a multi-pilot airplane.

9. Where will I be trained?
Here in Berlin! SKY4u is located only minutes away from Schönefeld Airport (SXF) and the Lufthansa Aviation Training centre (LAT). The SKY4u offices and classrooms are located on the 4th floor of the MEININGER SXF hotel.

10. What documents will I need to register?
You can register here. You will need
Photo ID: passport / ID card
Valid licence
Up-to-date and valid medical

Please fill in all sections of the Pilot Data Sheet. Link

11. If I completed the MCC with SKY4u, will I have to go through another MCC elsewhere?
Once you have successfully completed a MCC course, it is not necessary to repeat it. However, some airlines may require you to complete their own MCC.

12. Why is the MCC essential to my training?
The MCC course has become vital and mandatory in aviation training because it develops key skills that with help in a time of crisis. It focuses on quick and clear thinking, working as part of a team and ability to lead in a time of need.

13. How often do you have MCC courses?
Every week! We have Standard MCC courses and Advanced MCC courses beginning every week. Our Standard MCC courses begin on Monday and our Advanced courses begin on Fridays.

14. I have a partner who is interested in the course can we do it together?
Yes of course! We are more than happy for you to bring a partner to a course. Working as part of a team is a critical part of the MCC course. Talk to us today about our partner discount!

15. How do I pay for the course?
We accept payment through bank transfer.

16. Is there a dress code?
The dress code is business casual. No uniforms needed!

17. Can I take photos inside the LAT centre?
You may take photos inside the SIM4u simulator but you may not take photos in the LAT Centre.

18. What skills does the MCC develop?
The list of skills that the MCC develops is endless! Some of these include: communication, situational awareness, cockpit management skills, decision-making and task sharing.

19. How many hours of simulator and theory are there in he MCC course?
Standard MCC: 25 hours Theory / 20 hours Sim
Advanced MCC: 30 hours Theory / 30 hours Sim

20. I have already completed my MCC but I feel the need to brush up on my skills, can SKY4u help?
Yes, we can help! We offer MCC Refresher courses. This includes 04 hours of theory and 10 hours of sim. It takes place over 3 days. MCC manuals are included.